Educating Technology

Exploring how two K12 network administrators use technology in their schools.

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    28: Tasks We Do, But Don't Like

    Chris and Matt discuss the tasks and projects they have to do, but don't necessarily enjoy. Discussion also includes MoviePass, breakfast food and bad Microsoft naming schemes.

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    27: Managing Online Testing

    On this week's episode, Chris explains what's wrong with SSL and Matt gets new Chromebooks. The guys then discuss what's wrong with using Windows for online testing and why Chromebooks are the better option. Matt almost buries himself in a rabbit hole when they start talking about state mandated tests in general.

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    26: WiFi Interference

    Matt gives an update on using URBackup. Microsoft accidentally releases the limitations for Windows 10 on ARM. Chris installed Microsoft's Project Honolulu. AMD releases a bootkit to update BIOS firmwares for new processors along with new embedded CPUs. Matt also deals with some bad WiFi interferance during mock testing.

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    25: Tech's Lack of Quality Assurance

    After the HomePod white ring debacle this week, Matt spends most of the episode ranting about Apple (and other tech company's) lack of Quality Assurance lately. Matt also installed NetXMS after Chris's recommendation of it last week. We will return to your regularly scheduled education related content next week.

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    24: Tools of the Trade, Pt. 2

    Chris and Matt conclude the Tools of the Trade series by discussing the software tools they use to manage their indivudal networks.

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    23: Tools of the Trade, Pt. 1

    In this week’s special episode, Matt and Chris discuss what they care in their bags and some other physical tools they use to manage their networks and work on equipment.

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    22: Tangents

    This week’s episode starts off with Matt explaining why he’s almost abandoned the Apple Watch. After the normal update of their weeks, the conversation pivots to some follow-up all the back to episode one on low-cost Windows 10 S laptops.

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    21: Everything is Frozen

    Southeast Texas has a couple of “Frozen Days” so Chris and Matt have been out of school trying to stay warm and upright (one of them fails). More discussions on the effects of Meltdown and Spectre with a little Star Wars mixed in. Also, Matt asks Chris not to text him the URL that crashes his iPhone.

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    20: Flash Meltdown

    The guys return after three weeks of being gone due to illness and the holidays. Their main concern right now is how Meltdown and Spectre will affect (and has already affected) their schools because of older hardware. They also discuss some new wireless and AMD technology that debuted at CES and of course, the latest round of Apple related issues.

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    19: Would You Do It All Different?

    Matt wants to buy an iMac Pro with one of Chris’s bitcoins (that he doesn’t have anymore). Chris has a busy week and finishes a camera system installation. Matt’s finally done with the eRate bid process and hopes to get some new equipment in soon. The guys gripe about Eduphoria and RenLearn and needing flash to manage things. The show ends with a hypothetical scenario of going back in time and choosing Office 365 over G Suite, then Matt goes to see Star Wars (don’t worry, no spoilers).

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