Educating Technology

Exploring how two K12 network administrators use technology in their schools.

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    53: Nothing Should Be Dual Core

    Matt rants about his disappointment in the new Apple products and Chris has some news about some exciting new AMD products.

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    51: Sychronizing Directories

    Matt's feeling burnt out on technology. Chris cleans up his Active Directory and Google Cloud Directory by automating the synchronization of the two.

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    50: Adventures in Server Land

    Chris and Matt both have some adventures installing and upgrading Windows Server. Also, the fire alarm goes off.

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    49: Automate the Things

    Chris and Matt discuss the Bloomberg article about tiny infiltration chip out of China. Matt then talks about how he automated some TVs in the cafeteria. Chris talks about how he's using an EdgeRouter Lite as a temporary firewall solution before mentioning AMD's CES news.

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    48: Moving to SIP Trunks

    Chris and Matt continue their discussion on renaming a Windows domain. The guys also gripe about some issues with the Google Admin Console for Chromebook Management and finally get around to talking about PRIs and SIP trunks.

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    47: Cisco versus Ubiquiti

    Chris and Matt were going to talk about phones, PRIs, SIP trunks and e-faxing on this episode, but instead, they ended up talking about network switching and wireless.

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    46: New Apple Devices

    This week the guys talk about the new iPhones, Apple Watches and a few other random topics when they talk some more about Chris's new district.

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    45: Job Transitions

    On this week's episode, construction at Matt's district has finally started a year after the storm and Chris moves to a new school district. They guys discuss what challenges that will bring.

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    44: School Security

    Chris and Matt are back and so is the new school year. They talk about how they've been ramping up for the start of school and how their districts are addressing school security.

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