Educating Technology

Exploring how two K12 network administrators use technology in their schools.

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    58: Our Favorites of 2018

    For our last show of 2018, we discuss three of our favorite pieces of tech from this past year. We also discuss what we're looking forward to in 2019.

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    56: Defaults Guy

    Google attempts to simplify its messaging services and Microsoft is embracing Chromium as the new base for Edge. Chris shares with Matt a way to make native apps for websites.

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    55: Commitment Issues

    The guys are back from the Thanksgiving break. Matt buys his first gaming keyboard and mouse and gets some new Chromebooks for his district. Chris finds a bug in his Ubiquiti firewall that blocks Apple's iOS upgrade verification process.

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    54: System Center is My Life Now

    As the guys are winding some projects down and getting ready for the Thanksgiving break, Matt discovers a group policy setting they have been needing for a long, long time.

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    53: Nothing Should Be Dual Core

    Matt rants about his disappointment in the new Apple products and Chris has some news about some exciting new AMD products.

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    51: Sychronizing Directories

    Matt's feeling burnt out on technology. Chris cleans up his Active Directory and Google Cloud Directory by automating the synchronization of the two.

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    50: Adventures in Server Land

    Chris and Matt both have some adventures installing and upgrading Windows Server. Also, the fire alarm goes off.

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    49: Automate the Things

    Chris and Matt discuss the Bloomberg article about tiny infiltration chip out of China. Matt then talks about how he automated some TVs in the cafeteria. Chris talks about how he's using an EdgeRouter Lite as a temporary firewall solution before mentioning AMD's CES news.

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